Thursday, 25 December 2014

On nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles

I am sitting by the fire, in the midst of the afternoon's lull, sampling the Glen Scotia single malt Stephen gave me as Edward plays with his Chima Lego in the background.

Unusually, I haven't been given a single bike related present. Then again, I didn't put one on my piggy list, to use the Margaret-ism the family has adopted. However, I made up for this by giving bike bells to Edward and Margaret as well as a bike computer to the latter.

Désirée and Edward are the only niece and nephew on hand what with Alice not coming this year on the sensible grounds that Anna, Maria and Kerry are too much to bring for the short window she and Mark would be able to squeeze away from work. My step-niece Eowyn will be here for supper along with Dan her boyfriend. I am looking forward to my "creative" interpretation of her mother's request that presents be "local". I have bought her a copy of  the movie "Brick Mansions" much of which were shot within a few blocks of my flat. As well, Jacques, one my downstairs neighbours, was one of the cameramen.  I had him autograph the DVD. You can't much more local than that can you? ;-)

In less happy news, my aunt Izzy and uncle John are being moved into care due various ailments, she for physical issues and he for cerebral ones, though I wonder if she doesn't have some mild mental health issues as well, probably from the stress of trying to look after John. My cousin Elly has worn herself out trying to get them looked after. Her finest achievement thus far has been getting them into the same care facility for Christmas, thereby continuing their fifty Christmases together in a row!

I am sad to hear them so reduced as I love them, warts and all, especially as they so love each other.  I am half tempted to can my proposed bike trip to Puerto Rico in March, in favour of a flying visit to see them.

Hmm, I should try to phone Elly over the hols.

I phoned Elly later on Christmas and listened to her travails and tales of woe. Poor her.

Eowyn arrived with Dan, her boyfriend and they were both taken with "Brick Mansions" even before I told them about the "local" connection. Dan seemed very nice though he described Glen Scotia as "du fort" thereby lumping it in with all other distilled spirits from lowliest vodka to the finest single malt. The family will have to educate him in whisk(e)y appreciation as on Boxing Day, I found out that he proposed to Eowyn late on Christmas Night!  She accepted.