Monday, 12 January 2015

On finding out something rather after the fact

My readers may or may not remember that I biked out of Birmingham back in 2010. While it was comparatively tricky, at the time, I thought the lad in Great Whitley was overly impressed at my feat.  I was reading about the kerfuffle about some hack at Fox News labelling Birmingham a Muslim-only city when I noticed that the BBC was describing the city as Britain's second largest city.  This took me by surprise as I would have said that honour would likely be Glasgow or Manchester before Birmingham had someone asked me.

Thankfully, no one did.  (I have a reputation for being knowledgeable that I would like to keep up.)

However, it is a bit embarrassing that I had no idea just how big Birmingham is until so long the exploit. Then again, if I had known, I might not have tried! It is worth noting that on my 2013 trip, I avoided Birmingham by getting off the train in Wolverhampton