Tuesday, 28 April 2015

On vicarious adventures

My parents, especially my mother, are among the most ardent readers of this blog. They get a vicarious thrill reading about my bike and travel adventures. The Clearwater trip was a particular high point as it involved taking the Canadian across most of Canada. My mother had taken the train across Canada at least once in her youth and from the discussions we have had, at least one time it was on the CN service, which the Canadian now follows. I don't know if she ever took the Canadian back in the CP days.  Both before and after my trip, we talked a lot about the thrill of long distance train travel.

Back in December, Alice initiated a process that will result a family reunion on Salt Spring Island next week. In the lead up, I dreamt of getting a certain number of the Quebec contingent to B.C. by train. However, what with the Puerto Rico trip and other realities, it wasn't an option for myself or Philip and his family. It was an option for my parents, especially as I alerted Mummy to a sale at Via Rail which convinced her to take the plunge even if Pappy was a shade reluctant with grumbles along the lines of "Do I *have* to be sociable on the Canadian?"

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been giving them advice on what to bring and the like. I took today off work in order to see them off on the train to Toronto as well as borrow their car for a few days.  I will be flying out to Vancouver on Friday. I will rent a car at the airport, spend the night with Margo and then meet the Parents at Pacific Central Station! As it turns out, Alice and her gang will be getting on the same train in Clearwater!

Just my parents got enjoyment about of my adventures on the Canadian so to I am getting a kick about dreaming about what they will experience. I just hope Pappy doesn't get started talking to a Hindu about Dorothy Day or something equally problematic. ;-)

Of course, if it all goes wrong, I might end up being the Designated Blame Recipient (DBR) and as luck would have it, apparently, the Canadian will be 4 hours late leaving Toronto! ;-)