Wednesday, 23 December 2015

On an achievement I could have done without

I biked to work today.

It was the last day of my work year and there was no snow and temperatures well above zero. In fact, I have biked to work pretty much every day this month except for one day where there was a very limited amount of snow threatening and another where I discovered my bike had a flat tire just as I set off, so I decided to BMW (Bus-Metro-Walk) instead.

I probably jinked things by getting a bus pass for December. I have used it a few times to so as to have an alternate BMW (Bike-Metro-Walk) to work. However, I can only do that one day a week when my commuting times fall outside of rush hour.

Either climate change or El NiƱo has given Montreal a very warm December.

I find this makes the seasonal darkness even more depressing than usual. At this rate, I will be biking in January.