Monday, 23 January 2012

On why I haven't been blogging

I could argue that as I haven't been biking, I shouldn't have to write about biking. However, as I still have some things to say about Australia, I don't have that excuse. In truth, I've been a bit depressed, partly from being a year older and not further along the road so to speak, partly from being sick for more than two weeks and not getting to the gym and partly because being a bit depressed is something of a ground state for me.

Anyway, I was at a dinner party about a week ago with my mother, the Mole (a biking cousin) and an old family friend (who was one of my teachers at library school). The old family friend is a devout monarchist to the point where he gets interviewed by the local media when something interesting is happening involving the royal family. The conversation turned to the Diamond Jubilee that Queen Elizabeth will be celebrating later this year (assuming she doesn't trip over a corgi and break her neck or something.) ;-) My mother first inquired if the friend would be heading over for the celebrations and then when getting an affirmative answer, noted that he would be going to the U.K. this year for exactly the same reason I wil not be going this year.

I still don't have any particular idea of where or when I will go on a bike trip this year. Part of me wants to see if I will be even able to take a three week chunk of vacation time convenient to my cousin's wedding in Victoria in August which would allow for biking in the American Northwest. If I weren't allowed to because of scheduling issues, I think I would default to doing the Calgary-Winnipeg leg of AMUAM JuNITO at another time, and only take a short, localized ("only" "Vic and Van") vacation for my cousin's wedding.