Tuesday, 29 November 2011

On bits from the British Isles

On why I probably will not go to Britain next year
One of the bike trips I would like to take would be to do some more biking in Scotland and get deeper into the Highlands. However, this was never on the cards for next year as I figured that the 2012 Olympics in London would make the trip needlessly expensive.

As I was cataloging a biography of Queen Elizabeth II today, I suddenly noticed that 2012 will also be her Diamond Jubilee and therefore another reason not to visit the UK in 2012. I is not that I am against the monarchy (indeed I am favour of keeping the monarchy) but the party will further increase the price of the trip.

I also wonder what the connections between the Olympics in London next year and the Jubilee are and will be.

On marmite

Since my trip to Australia, I have had a number of conversations on the subject of Vegemite and it's consumption. I find it makes a nice change from time to time. I am not sure if I have tasted Vegemite's close relative and predecessor, Marmite. That's why this story got my attention. However, the BBC's version seems to contradict this. ;-)

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