Saturday, 5 November 2011

On Dorval's domestic arrivals area

In the last three calendar days, I have been in four airports and five terminals. This is the shabbiest by far. This unimpressive performance by Montreal is particularly bad as the first airport was Broken Hill's which is served by one small airline.

And Leonardo is apparently flying in via Toronto. At least this means I won't have wrestle him into a taxi and up the stairs.

Leonardo was dropped off on the curb outside my flat on Sunday morning. I suspect the cause of his divergent routing from Vancouver was the fact that my flight from Vancouver was full and that one of the design compromises of the Airbus 321 is that it doesn't have much baggage capacity. The Airbus 321 is a stretched version of the Airbus 320. The extra passenger capacity comes at the price of reduced range and cargo capacity. The Air Canada website lists the 321's cargo capacity as roughly a third of the 320's.