Saturday, 5 March 2016

On coincidences of March cyclists

Chris (or Margo) wrote the following comment to my previous post:
"There are quite a few cyclists about in the slushy streets of Oslo in early March. Some are commuters; others are delivering takeaway in special back packs or strapped to carriers. One such outfit is called "Foodora", the name being a combo of "food" in English and "dora" which means "door" in Norwegian. And in the bike department of sports shops there are rows of studded tires for sale.  We are spoiled wimps in Vancouver!"

Therefore, when I walked out of the Alexis Nihon Plaza, I was surprised to this this bicycle attached to a traffic sign that I have often patronized in a like manner.

As you may observe, Foodora is also in Montreal as well as Oslo. Furthermore, it still isn't proper biking weather in Montreal. At least by my "wimpy" standards, e.g. there can`t be snow on the ground.