Friday, 2 December 2011

On a particularly dumb thing I did very early this morning

Shortly after midnight or so, I was riding die Fleddermoose down Atwater after a particularly successful "beer-and-peanuts" style D&D game. Feeling I wasn't in a high enough gear and possibly under the excess influence of beer, I tried to shift up using my left-hand shift lever. As I was already in the higher gear and I used a bit too much force, the cable snapped. Luckily, I didn't have far to go to get home and there was no otherwise untoward consequences to my boneheaded action.

In addition, as I am now working Sunday to Thursday, I could take die Fleddermoose into my local bike shop to undergo a quick repair today and not have to fret about how I am going to work as I haven't reassembled Leonardo. The staff at the bike shop really get a kick out of die Fleddermoose's "Batmoose" logo. While I was waiting for a new cable to be installed, I chatted with one of the staff members about biking in Australia and matters relating. He was somewhat envious of me as Oz was also on his list of places to go. It must be particularly frustrating for him as he gets a number of ex-pat Aussie bike mechanics going through.

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