Sunday, 18 December 2011

On why today wasn't my last day of biking

My schedule now calls for me to work Sunday to Thursday. It is a bit of a pain, but I am putting up with the change a damn sight better than some of my co-workers. Anyway, this morning dawned bright, clear and quite cold (-12 C). A couple of hours later, I emerged to get on my bike to go to work, only to discover the Kryptonite lock was frozen solid!

I had ridden to work on Wednesday but as the forecast for Thursday called for pissing rain, I opted to BMW. I didn't use the bike on Friday or Saturday as my wanderings around Montreal lent themselves to using the Metro. Also, it was well below zero on both days. In hindsight, I should have been smarter.

I didn't have the time or brainpower (thanks to James' Christmas party the night before) to muck around with getting the lock open, so I BMW'd to work instead. When I got home this evening, I applied liberal quantities of hot water and WD-40 in order to open the lock. As the next few days' forecast read like a repeat performance of last week, I have brought Floria in for the winter.

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