Saturday, 1 December 2007

On the limitations of Deer Lake

I was in MEC doing some Christmas shopping today. I was browsing through the book section, when I noticed a guide to the Trans-Canada Trail in Newfoundland. I looked up the trail near Deer Lake. I had been hoping to see that a trail existed in where roads don't. Alas, there was no such animal.

In addition, it seems that there are no bike shops in Deer Lake. This is a significant problem as the nearest I could locate was in Corner Brook. This will make life a mite difficult as I will likely have to inquire if my sister would be prepared to drive to Corner Brook to pick up a bike box. As well, I will have to make sure that she has a suitable wrench for pedal removal. The possibilities are either to pack the bike at my sister's and get a lift to the Deer Lake airport or to have her leave the box at some motel or other in Deer Lake. Neither option is easy. Furthermore, I am not sure that either her car (a Golf, I believe) or her fiancé's (I don't recall the make) is suitable for moving bikes or bike boxes. Ah well, they are coming here next weekend, so I should be able to discuss the problem with them.


Margo & Chris said...

Stop being such a fussbudget!
Just ride your bike to the airport, take the pedals off, turn the handlebar, wheel the bike to the check-in, and get on the plane. So many people I talk to do this, even internationally, with no ill effect. It is a hugely convenient and simple method, and highly recommend it for direct or more local flights. We did this from here to Castlegar, and it was great. The advantage is that the handlers won't fling it, 'cos they can see it is a bike. And you can pedal home from Dorval, saving txi fare of Berlyn taxi miles.

You have to put risks into perpective. (If you do, you'll be miles ahead of Stephen.)

What is the worst thing that is likely to happen to the bike, sent unboxed? A bent derailleur? You are going home, so take a pic of any damege, take it to the bike store, pay $30, send the bill to Air Canada and hope you get some of it back.

What is the worst thing that can happen if you box it? Box too small, hassles, stress, and (knowing you) you might end up cutting a few of your fingers off. But I guess Alice and Mark would look after you.

I'd fly home with no box. Just cross your fingers, but don't worry too much.

Margo & Chris said...
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