Tuesday, 8 April 2008

On the first day of spring biking and milk crates

I am on vacation this week. As well, my downstairs neighbour had his bike out yesterday. This embarrassed me into getting the Castafiore out for a first ride of the year. It is surprising how much stuff I needed to dig out of storage: biking gloves, toolkit, rain gear, etc.

After I had set off on a ride to pick up a new pump, I remembered that I had meant to replace the milk crate on the back of my bike this spring. I have been using a milk crate to carry my backpack for about fifteen years now. Due to the natural wear and tear and exposure to the elements (including ultra-violet light), they have to be replaced every so often as the plastic begins to weaken and break. When I retired the first one from "active" duty, it seemed natural to start using it to hold assorted bike bits such as spare inner tubes, bike tools, and other bric à brac.

I am quite fortunate in being well acquainted with a grocery store owner who is kind enough to let me have some milk crates, so I am reasonably well stocked in them. However, not all milk crates are created equal. The task ahead of me now will be to see which of my spare milk crates seems the strongest and easiest to secure to my bike.

My trip today likely only covered 20 km or so, but I am more aware of it than I would like. I will have to start getting my butt into shape if I am going to make it to Newfoundland. Not that I am particularly worried as I have more than two months at the earliest and I know from experience that it is relatively easy for me to get my hindquarters used to the saddle in the spring.

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