Tuesday, 8 July 2008

On photos from part 1

A CD-ROM with the images I downloaded from my camera in Quebec City to my cousins' computer arrived today. Consequently, it seems time to clutter my blog with some pictures from the first half of the first part of my trip to Newfoundland.
This swing beside the route of the Défi d'Acton Vale was made from some old tires. If you look closely, you will it was made to look like a horse, complete with a saddle and stirrups.
This old hotel(?) caught my attention, particularly with the perspective of the road and railroad going off into the distance.
Here we have the snapping turtle, looking rather fierce.
This is the approximate location where the Victoria Cross was earned in Danville.
This is one of the most tarted up and posh-looking farms I have seen. I can only guess that you would pay a premium to buy a cow from here!
This is the B&B I stayed at in Plessisville just after a thunderstorm had swept through.
This shot shows why fenders are a good thing. That is only a fraction of what would have been on my legs had I not had them.

As I neared the Pont du Québec, I had to cross the Chaudière river, no mean task. I had the safe option of staying beside a busy road or going down a 13% grade on which the Guide de la Route Verte did not recommend the use of trailers. They had a point. Not that the grade would have been a problem but as the park rather discouraged riding down the hill with a series of baffles......it would be hard to navigate on a bike with a trailer.
I crossed the Chaudière on this overly springy suspension bridge.
I had the luck to get another cyclist to take this shot of me about to tackle the Pont du Québec.

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