Saturday, 4 October 2008

On a party in North Hatley and a new proxy-niece

Earlier this week, I went out to North Hatley to participate in a family gathering in honour of my aunt Isabel (or Izzy) and her husband John. They live in England and consequently, we don't see them that often. Isabel is one of my father's younger sisters and is my favourite of his siblings. Also in attendance was my father's older sister Caroline, Michel, her eldest son and his two daughters, Florence and Alicia.
Caroline and Izzy
However, the star guest was of course Désirée. She was winking at the camera and showing off her ability to move to her great aunts.
Désirée winking at the camera
She has added some new tricks to her repertoire since I last saw her. She can now sort of, almost, crawl backwards. It will only be a matter of time for she starts going forwards. As well, she seems to have started to interact vocally with her surroundings (aside from crying or screaming). Not talking by a looong stretch, but just cooing and babbling.
John Fox, Désirée and Philip
She was there with her "support staff" namely Philip (her dad), Dominique (her mum) and Eowyn (her half-sister).
Eowyn, Désirée and Dominique
Obviously, her paternal grandparents were there to dote on her as well.
Désirée and my Mummy
A good time was had by all.

New proxy-niece

To explain what this section is about, it is necessary to me to digress and say my best friend James is almost my brother. Our families have been friends for about five generations. I hope that it will go to six generations. I have turned to him for a shoulder in times of crisis and so has he. Therefore, when he became a dad on Tuesday, I considered his daughter as my proxy-niece. I was thinking I should contribute a casserole or something, however, his wife has odd allergies that would make it tricky for me to cook for her. Instead, on the way home from work yesterday, I bought some pink roses for them. This was partly an excuse to get to see my proxy-niece, Isla Heather. However, my visit and my gift was very much appreciated.
Isla Heather
James confessed the full significance of the event still hasn't quite sunk in. That hasn't stopped him from being absurdly (and rightly) pleased with himself. Then again, he has a talent for being pleased with himself.
James, the absurdly proud dad

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