Saturday, 24 January 2009

On a decent week

Well, it has been a decent week. Last Saturday, I was in North Hatley for my birthday party, where I was given a merino wool cycling jersey among other things. I got a lot of things done at work, despite my batty, Greek co-irker.

I also managed to manage my father's determination to send me off to do his legwork with him having done his homework. He wanted me to get him a pair of liner gloves at MEC like the ones he'd got two years ago. The problem was, I had no idea which gloves he was referring to. Also, my father can be a little picky about gear. I am glad to say that I was quite firm that he should do his homework and talk to the liveware at MEC to determine exactly what he wanted and then send me the precise information. The result of all this is that I now have the gloves waiting to go to North Hatley.

After work on Monday, I dropped by James' to give him his birthday present, (his birthday was on Sunday). I arrived just at the same time as Adam, another friend of James, and his son Anton arrived. It turned out that Monday was Adam's birthday. We ended up having supper together, James, Jennifer, Adam, Anton, Isla and I. That was fun, as I hadn't seen Adam in a while and Anton in ages.

On Tuesday night, I went to see Chadni Chowk to China, a Bollywood comedy/martial arts film, complete with musical interludes and hip-hop influences. Crazy, silly and a lot of fun.

On Thursday night, I got a call from my brother Stephen. This was a little surprising as he doesn't call very often. I was even more surprised when I found out why. It turns out that Margaret (Stephen's wife) is pregnant! Apparently, I was the only one who hadn't guessed this. The child is due in August. I was talking to my mother on the phone yesterday. We were discussing that it would be nice if it was a boy, on the grounds that most of the "next generation" are girls, viz Désirée, Isla, Eowyn, Julianne, Elisabeth, etc. Still, it is very early days and there is a long road ahead for Stephen and Margaret.

So yeah, it's been a very good week despite a continuing throat malady.

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