Wednesday, 4 November 2009

On the past and the future?

On the past
It was cold and clear when I rode into to work today.  Quite a nice day, for November.  At one point, I was struck by the smell of the cold leaf litter which sent me back to when I lived in Toronto which was more than thirty years ago.  It is very weird how smells can trigger memories.

On the future?
After poking around the MEC website for weeks, hoping for a glimpse of their line of bikes, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an e-mail from them announcing the arrival of the bikes on their website.  A quick browse brought me to their Nineteen Seventy-One model.  It is so me.  It fits a great many of the criteria that I would want to replace the Castafiore with: metal frame, drop handlebars, provision to hang gear such of racks and fenders on it, red paint, etc.  I also have an attachment to the name, as the name refers to the year the MEC was founded which was also the year I was born.

Is this the future for me? I don't know.

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