Sunday, 14 February 2010

On one of the memorial images for the Castafiore

After a fair bit of running around, I finally created one of the memorial images for the Castafiore. I got someone at work to scan this image from a cover of the well known work.
I edited the image using a surprising amount of software to create this homage.
I cleaned up the image from some of scuff marks as well as the call number label (I borrowed the work from a library). I changed the title to refer a specific singular gem by erasing an "x" and an "s" and copying and pasting the "c". As well, I blotted out "Tintin" and wrote "Bikemoose" instead. Unfortunately, I couldn't match the font. I put my image over that of Tintin and Milou, partly to make it more about me, but also because their images were smudged with crud. Writing the name and dates of the Castafiore was quite easy. However, the detail I feel most proud of is the way I changed the publisher from "Casterman" to "La Randonnée". (The latter being the name of the store where I bought the Castafiore in the first place. It has since become part of the "Atmosphère" chain.)

I am rather pleased as to how well it turned out, even if I do say so myself. I have had it printed as a photo and a copy of it along with a shot of the Castafiore near Victoria is now being laminated. With luck, they will be ready by next weekend.

With more luck, Casterman and the Hergé estate won't come after me with lawyers for having violated their copyright.

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