Thursday, 26 August 2010

On my nephew's first birthday present from me

My nephew Edward turned 1 last week. I ordered a couple of board books from Chapters-Indigo to be sent to him. Hey, I'm a librarian. Anyway, they arrived yesterday. Edward got to open the box. Margaret recorded the incident on camera.He seems to like the books. Yes, that is a Star Wars Spaceships board book he is holding.
My brother and I were kids when Star Wars came and we are Star Wars geeks. It seemed very appropriate for Edward as the love of Lucasfilm is going to be transmitted one way or the other. Margaret says Stephen enjoyed reading the books to Edward nearly as much as Edward likes them.

I am not first one to send Edward down the dark path of Star Wars geekdom as his mother had already made him a crocheted lightsaber. If you look at the next photo, you may note that Edward is somewhat younger than in the other photos.
To paraphrase Douglas Adams (more geekdom): "People have done worse things to children, if perhaps not much sillier."

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