Friday, 24 September 2010

On yet another idea for next year's biking, outer limit

In the pipe dream category, Darwin to Alice Springs, or vice-versa. I have a desire to visit Oz and it turns out that the distance is almost exactly 1500 kms or three weeks. I got the idea from reading about "the Ghan" train. The downside is that it would be quite expensive to get there and the time it would take to get there and back is probably prohibitive. Still, I hit a round-numbered birthday next year. Ah well, a man can dream!


Margo and Chris said...

When? Can we come too?

Bikemoose said...

I have done very little research beyond looking up the distance on Google Maps, so I really don't know when or even if how feasible. I have the impression that Oz is open for biking all year, but that the cooler seasons are likely desirable, thus next northern summer-ish.
Your presence and experience of desert biking would be welcome, if I went. To be honest, it would even facilitate my decision as the trip suggests camping, etc. However, I am not even remotely near to a decision.
To top it all off, I saw a movie filmed in the deserts of Patagonia last week which made me think I would want to tag along with you for that portion of your mooted Pan-American trip!