Thursday, 24 February 2011

On the potential bike trip in Newfoundland

I recently got an e-mail from Margo relating to some comments I had made in my post about Newfoundland. I would like to clarify that while I am thinking of biking in Newfoundland in the next fiscal year (2011-2012), I am also thinking of biking in Australia as well. Provided I don't lose too many days to sickness between now and May, I will have enough vacation time to do both.

A few months ago, I spent some time on Google Maps looking at distances from places. As welll, I looked at possible alternatives the Trans-Canada Highway. Here is the map I created.

View Biking from Deer Lake to St. John's in a larger map

If a bit in the middle looks a little sketchy, it is because it represents three alternatives. Here it is again in more detail:

View Biking from Deer Lake to St. John's in a larger map
Rather than take the Trans-Canada between South Brook and Bishop's Falls, I would instead go out to Triton and take a boat to either Leading Tickles or Cottrell's Cove. From either location, I would go to Bishop's Falls and rejoin the Trans-Canada. There is a boat tour operator in Triton that I suspect would be willing to do the job. (I haven't contacted them as I have no idea when I would be going to Newfoundland other than sometime this summer.) This section of the trip would be very much subject to the weather as you don't kid around with the North Atlantic, even in summer. Hence the various routes.

Margo indicated that she and Chris might wish to join me on the trip. I welcomed her interest especially as I had been thinking of experimenting with camping on this trip. Margo and Chris have a huge amount of experience in this regard. Also, cycle-camping is easier logistically when you have several people.


Margo and Chris said...

Margo loves boat trips on her bike trips, and thinks Leading Tickles is such a lovely name we must go there (weather permitting).

Bikemoose said...

You missed your chance for a bon mot! You should have said "Margo is tickled by the name!" ;-)