Monday, 6 June 2011

On a revised map of my forthcoming trip to Newfoundland

Prodded by Margo's reference to my upcoming trip in Newfoundland in her recent blog posting, I edited the map of the potential routes I might take. To wit, I added the Trailway portion from Howley to Badger in purple. Not a big change, but what the hey?

View Biking from Deer Lake to St. John's in a larger map

(For the record, blue means by road, red by boat, and purple by bike path.)


Mark and Alice said...

I'm not too sure about those trailways. They are skidoo trails in winter, and I think mostly gravel/mud. Also, East of about Glovertown they were hard hit by Igor, and not necessarily fixed yet.
Just saying.
Love, Alice

Bikemoose said...

I am aware of the relatively low quality of the Trailway as I have informed Margo and Chris. Whether we use it is still being discussed. However, the section in question (Deer Lake to Badger) is well to the West of Glovertown so Igor damage won't be an issue. Thank you for the input.