Monday, 22 October 2012

On babies being unable to read calendars

Alice just phoned to say she had her second baby! A little girl named Maria. Big sister Anna still adjusting to the event. Mother and infant doing well, all things considered. This is slightly ahead of schedule, "proving" my belief that "babies can't read calendars!" ;-)
I must confess I had been quietly hoping I would gain a nephew for other reason than it would balance the subtitle of this blog. However, I am told (cross fingers and pray) that my best friend's James' wife Jennifer is expecting a boy. As "his" older sister is my quasi-niece (in my opinion), I feel I would be justified in altering the subtitle to "nephews" in "his" honour.

At work today, I was sorting through old, uncatalogued books in the far corner of the basement. Among them was a copy of "Jackrabbit, his first hundred years" which includes a chapter written by my maternal grandmother. Her first name, like that of my paternal grandmother, was Barbara. As Maria was on my mind, I idly speculated that maybe she should have "Barbara" as middle name. Along this line thought, I wondered what that would make as initials: M.B.W. I quickly noticed that if Alice and Mark were to make Maria's actual first name "Barbara" (while still calling her Maria), her initials would be B.M.W.! ;-)

(Not that it is any of my business. This is just a very silly thought.)

Second addendum:
Alice (or Mark) has posted photos here.


Susan Gwyn said...

Sheila thought Alice should be named Alison Barbara. But she wasn't.

Bikemoose said...

As I already knew that, I took pains to present my very slight opinion as nothing more than a passing fancy.