Saturday, 18 May 2013

On earning my red shirt

My readers may remember that I got a red Star Trek biking jersey for Christmas. If not, here is the link to it.  I was wearing today on a preparatory jaunt out the the East end of the Island of Montreal. Coming back along Rivière des Prairies, I was called upon to by a father to help him fix a problem with his young (6ish) daughter's bike. The chain was jammed between the highest gear and the frame of the bike. As it was a low-end bike, it's wheel was bolted on, so I had to get my wrench out to free the wheel. Unfortunately, while the chain was free, there was something amiss with the derailleur causing it to refuse to change gears that I couldn't identify. I suggested that he should find a bike store to solve the root problem. Luckily, his daughter could still ride the bike for time being.

In the original Star Trek, people in red shirts were either short-lived "security" personnel or part of the engineering staff under Scotty. I like to think today "proves" that I fall under the latter category! ;-)

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Susan Gwyn said...

We've biked across the Mississippi, and along it! Susan