Thursday, 21 November 2013

On cartoons, unclehood and a moose-fish story

I know I haven't been posting a lot, but I do have some fun cartoons to pass on. This one from "Rhymes with orange came out in May, but I kept putting off using it. However, the current November weather has brought it make in my mind.
This one from "Pearls before Swine" rather captures my opinion for professional cycling in general and Lance Armstrong in particular.

This one from Bizarro doesn't have any message but very much amuses me, given the varying definitions of "biker"!

This last one is from Stone Soup. I like as it embodies one of my pet games with various nieces. It also illustrates one of the dangers of the practise! The perils of unclehood.
Finally, there was an interesting moose related fish story on the CBC today. It seems a Greenland shark nearly choked on a moose hide!

P.S. November 22, 2013
According the CBC, the moose eating shark incident has gone viral with others making their comments and images. Some of them are hilarious.

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