Thursday, 12 March 2015

On the American wing of Trudeau Airport

After a "beware of spring break travel" article in the news, I opted to get to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Robin was happy to oblige, so he and Benjy the dog showed up at 10. We drove out, Robin making his now traditional joke about how Benjy would be coming with me.

Security seemed particularly slow, partly because only about three of the dozen or so slots were open. However, the real cause was a family ahead of me who didn't seem to know how to get through security efficiently. The unused lines amplified the sense of delay.

The Americans let me through into the preclearance area with what turned to be about two hours to spare.

Trudeau seems quiet at this hour. The effect though is an illusion as the American wing doesn't have a runway view. It also looks out at the International Wing which sees most of its traffic in late afternoon and evening. The planes in sight have mostly been Canadian- or Brazilian-made regional jets. This meant that when I saw a larger Air Canada jet being towed in, I took it for a twin aisle plane rather than the little Airbus 319 it was.

My plane to Philly will be a Bombardier Regional Jet made right here at the airport or at least assembled as the parts are made all over the World.

I am feeling much calmer now.

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