Friday, 24 April 2009

On biking authority figures

Twice today I have been asked biking related questions. The first was at work when a colleague asked whether I knew of a better way to approach Côte Saint-Luc from the East than Van Horne/Fleet streets. Unfortunately, I couldn't provide her with a good answer as there doesn't seem to be a better way. I did provide her with some background ideas. When I got home, I found that someone had left a comment on my last post about where one got milk crates in Montreal. I put the answer in a comment as there wasn't a return e-mail address.

From this, it would seem that I am becoming something of an authority on biking. It's nice to be needed.

I had supper with a (non-biking) colleague from work in the Plateau this evening. On my way back, I rode for a distance on Sherbrooke street behind a line of no less than seven bicycle police. My guess was that they were on a jaunt to learn about how to police effectively from a bicycle. There was another civilian cyclist in front of me (who didn't really know how to bike in the city). I don't know if there was any more cyclists behind me, but in front of McGill, the last cop turned around and said that we could pass them. I think both the other civilian and I had been leery about passing the cops. They were, after all, biking authority figures.

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