Saturday, 18 April 2009

On the new milk crate

I spent part of this morning preparing the new milk crate for installation. Not that this is strictly necessary, but it is easier to apply reflective tape and other things to the crate while comfortably sitting on the sofa than when the crate has already been attached to the bicycle. Last spring, I went on something of a buying spree of reflective tape from various sources, mostly Canadian Tire. Consequently, I had an ample supply of it on hand. In addition, I had a pair of stick-on plastic reflectors and a large moose sticker that I believe I picked up in Newfoundland last summer.
Here is the rear view, note the moose sticker.

In addition, the helmet I bought last summer came with a sticker that I did bother to apply to it. It was floating around my desk, so in a fit of whimsy, I applied it to one side of the crate!
The Specialized sticker will make it go much faster!

I have since attached the crate to the back of the Castafiore with 8 or 10 of my largest zip ties. If I may digress, a year or more ago, in order to get a zip-tie of a suitable length and width, I bought a container of 1200 zip ties. It was more than I strictly needed at the time but I hardly regret the purchase as the price wasn't extravagant and it left me with an amply supply of the things. I found many uses for them. Incidentally, the breaking strength of the size I used is 40 lbs, so the crate can now be considered to be very firmly secured in place.

Nonetheless, I should make a mental note to check them for signs of brittleness every year or so on account of UV related degradation. Curse you, thinning ozone layer!


kulitskie said...


I'm a new addition to Montreal's biking community. I would like to have a milk crate to hold my heavy bag when I go to school.... Can you please tell me where I can get one?


Bikemoose said...

Try asking at your local d├ępanneur or grocery store if they will let you have one. The dairy companies charge a deposit on them to the stores, so expect the stores to charge you for them. The deposit on my crate was $8. I would also recommend you give the crate a quick inspection to make sure it is in good shape.

kulitskie said...

Thank you! I'll try asking the dep near me if they'll be kind enough....