Monday, 29 June 2009

On the last few weekends

The day after the New Brunswick trip, I went on the Défi Métropolitain. It was in the same general area (Châteauguay) as the first Défi I went on in 2005, if I am not mistaken. The weather was less clement than the first time featuring some showers in the morning as well strong winds for most of the day.

To reduce crowding, this year the Défi Métropolitain experimented with having people do the course in two directions. Those persons going for the 100 km did it counter-clockwise, whereas the 75, 125 and 150 km people went clockwise. Given that I was a bit short on sleep owing to the train from New Brunswick the day before, I opted for the 100 km. This resulted in me having a smug feeling when I passed the bulk of the clockwise people, I was wheeing along with the wind at my back whilst they were struggling into the wind.In one of the small towns I went through, there was a place that sold cement decorations (statues, etc.) for you garden. It also advertised gift certificates for the same. (JWIW only not very often.)However, I would advise against the purchase of said gift certificates, as the place was going out of business.
(Note the windblown trees in the background.)

I mentionned earlier that I had been short on sleep. One case in point was the fact that the day before I had thought I had booked the rental of a car from the same place I had last rented a car. However, I hadn't, which was mildly embrassing, yet oddly fortuitous as the place I had rented the car from issued me not only with a Nissan Versa hatchback which was very easy to load Leonardo into, but they issued me a bright red Nissan Versa!!!
The following weekend saw the Tour de l'Île. It went off more or less smoothly. My 25th anniversary jersey was much admired. I also got to pretend I was trying out a penny farthing
It was really too small for my legs.

Margo's Louise turned up in Québec relatively unexpectedly. At relatively short notice, she, my Mother and myself organised ourselves into the Défi de Lanaudière. It had been hot and muggy in Montreal and for three nights running I had failed to catch much sleep. As well, the weather on Saturday was gray and wet. Consequently, I opted for the 100 km version, the same as my mother. Louise on the other hand, did 130+ km. The exact distance is uncertain owing to a glitch with Louise's bike computer.

She also informed me that not only had Margo and Chris had decided that I needed a softshell jacket for biking but that they were prepared to provide very significant funding towards the purchase of the same. After a certain amount of research, shopping with Louise's patient assistance, I ended up getting a "volcano" (red) Gamma LT Jacket from Arc'Teryx.
Here I am modelling it in my condo. Picture by Louise. Thank you, thank you Margo and Chris and thank you Louise for putting up with my shopping habits.

More biking pictures here.

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