Thursday, 2 July 2009

On moving in Montreal, by bike

In addition to being (or possibly because it was) Canada Day yesterday, it was Moving Day in Montreal. As has been documented in many places, there is a distinct tendency amongst Montrealers to move on or about the 1st of July. Not that I have ever moved on the first of July or anywhere close to it.

However, the fact of the July 1st move probably led the CBC to feature this article about a cycle mover in Montreal. As in he moves your stuff by bike.

In addition, I discovered on Tuesday that are specialized bike trailers for hauling your dog around. I was in a bike store and saw a couple and their seeing-eye dog (a black lab) shopping for one. I gathered it was the woman who was visually impaired and it was the man who did the steering on what I guessed was their tandem bike.

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