Friday, 10 July 2009

On the sometimes twisted paths of bike accessories

My parents have a Dodge minivan and a Toyota Corolla. The former can be bought from the dealer with a trailer hitch, whilst the latter cannot. As the easiest type of bike rack to install is the trailer hitch type, that was the type they had. As a result, the two of them were going to bike events in the minivan which got about half the gas mileage as the Corolla. During the high gas prices of last summer, I was inspired to change this by getting them a hitch for the Corolla. Together with two of my siblings, I got them an after-market trailer hitch for Christmas. They have used it considerably since, thus easily saving in gas the amount of money the hitch cost.

Yesterday, my father arrived from Montreal in the minivan, to hear how Alice and Stephen (the two siblings who had pitched in for the hitch) had towed the Thomas F. Meagher, a Tanzer 16 sailboat across town that afternoon. It took a few minutes before the penny dropped and I realised that they had done the towing with the Corolla using the hitch as an actual trailer hitch!

Anyway, it looks like tomorrow will actually be fairly nice for Philip (my other brother) and Dominique's wedding. I guess the old French-Canadian superstition of hanging a rosary on the washing line to insure good weather has worked.

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