Thursday, 4 March 2010

On die Fledermoose's first run of the year

It has been absurdly warm and dry for March in Montreal. The current Environment Canada forecast has highs above zero and sunshine for the next seven days. Most of the snow and ice has left the streets. Consequently, as I am on vacation this week, I took die Fledermoose out for a ride this afternoon.

I had some business to attend to at MEC and a bookstore nearby so took Floria out to the Côte-Vertu station by Metro and rode the rest of the way. After the bookstore, I made my way to the Henri-Bourrassa Metro station, only to discover that it was past the time when bikes are allowed on the Metro. Switching to Plan B, I rode home.

I was hardly alone on my bike as there are many cyclists on the streets on Montreal at this time (including one of my ground floor neighbours). Of course, Montreal has cyclists that will ride even in the worst weather. However, there were more than just the fanatics out there today.

It was great to be out on die Fledermoose and she responded well. At one point, I saw a traffic warning radar sign that gave my speed as 35 km/h! I wasn't even trying that hard!

Nonetheless, I am currently both stiff and tired. I hope this is "only" the result of the combination of going to the gym this morning and the longish ride rather than something wrong with die Fledermoose's geometry.

Time to finish my Martini in the tub.

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