Saturday, 13 March 2010

On where the snow has gone

After making the previous post, I rode die Fledermoose over to the other side of downtown for some lunch. I decided to come home via Mount Royal Park. I took the Olmsted road up to near Beaver Lake.

As I had suspected, there was still snow covering much of the route. However, thanks to the knobby Kenda Kommando tires that Floria came with, I still had reasonable traction. The snow and ice remained a challenge as their consistency varied significantly causing a few abrupt stops. I wasn't traveling fast on account of the slippery conditions, the slight uphill grade and the presence of more than a few pedestrians. It was actually kind of kind fun to be "playing" in the snow with Floria. To be honest, I had suspected that this would be the case when I decided on returning home via Mount Royal. (While I have often said that I don't bike in the snow, I made an exception for today as the road was fairly hard packed and they don't use salt on it.)

I will eventually swap the 700x35C Kommandos for the 700x28C "street" tires the Castafiore was rolling on at the end, but for now die Fledermoose will retain her "winter" tires.

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