Tuesday, 9 November 2010

On a possible narrowing down of places to bike in Oz

I finished reading Bill Bryson's A sunburned country on the weekend. From it, I drew a few ideas about where I might choose to go on my proposed trip Down Under. Not so much specific ideas as broad things that I would like to say I have seen.

One very broad thing, namely the Indian Ocean. The nearest I have been to said ocean is New Zealand. And the only oceanic swimming I did there was on the East Coast! That is to say, the far side of New Zealand from the Indian Ocean!

Another broad thing I would like to see on my trip would be what Bryson described as the red-baked desert clich├ęd image of Australia. Actually, this is a thing that has attracted me from the start.

In broad terms, to combine these two purposes I have two options as I see it. Option one is Alice Springs to Darwin. Option two would be to work out some sort of loop around Perth. Margo has pointed me at a bike touring website that proposes such as a loop.

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