Friday, 26 November 2010

On missing the B of BMW

As the forecast was for freezing rain this morning, I brought Floria in last night, on the grounds that only a real lunatic would bicycle in freezing rain. Instead of riding to work, I would BMW it. As most of my readers will know, BMW stands for Bus Metro Walk.

Walking was dicey as it was a bit icey, but manageable.

The Metro part went okay.

It was the Bus part that gave me trouble.

When I left the Metro at Plamandon station, there was longish line for the 161 bus, situation normal. Except, the bus didn't come, didn't come. Not only that, but there were no buses going in the other direction as well. After about 15 minutes and few unsuccessful attempts to get a cab, I decided to walk it. 35 minutes of slippery walking later I saw my first bus, going the other way, on a different route right in front of the Library. As my walk had followed the route of the 161, I had witnessed 50 minutes of 161 non-activity in both directions at rush hour.

Dear STM, if service is interrupted on a major bus route, would it be too much to ask for you actually try to inform people at major points?

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