Wednesday, 8 December 2010

On the end of another biking year

Well, it seems that last Friday was the last day of biking for me for 2010. Not a bad year all told. Highlights included a second major bike tour in Europe and Floria die Fleddermoose making it through her first year with only one major hitch, and that was hardly her fault.

It has been snowing every day since Saturday, with 24+ centimeters hitting the ground on Monday rather unexpectedly. The "B" in BMW continues to be problematic (see previous entry). I am already missing the freedom of the bike.
This is how high the snow was at my back door on Monday

I will have to watch myself these next few weeks with regards to diet and exercise if I don't want my paunch to expand further. While overall I am fit, I think I have a bit too much abdominal fat as it is.

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