Sunday, 12 December 2010

On when my transportation lifestyle works

In a previous post, I noted that I sometimes regret not owning a car. However, today I had the pleasure of not only feeling smug about it, but also getting an advantage from it. I am a member of a car-sharing organization. As I had a few things to get at Ikea, I used one of their cars to get to the store this morning. I parked close to the exit, and walked over to it. As I did so, I saw that there was a few spots that were reserved for "green" cars as close as can be to the exit of the building. That is to say hybrid, electric or "shared" cars had priority parking. In fact, "my" car-sharing organization was specifically mentioned on one of the signs. Just to take advantage of this, I went back to the car and parked in the reserved spot. Not that it made a huge difference!

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Susan said...

Good for you!!!