Saturday, 30 April 2011

On a certain royal wedding gift

I didn't watch the Royal Wedding. It was far too early and anyway, there is far too much hype surrounding it. The extremes people have gone to are almost beyond belief. According to the Montreal Gazette, you can buy "Crown Jewels condoms of distinction William and Catherine Royal wedding souvenir".

Closer to home and more in keeping with the theme of this blog, the Bixi company and the mayor of London have given a special tandem Bixi to the royal couple as a wedding present. This is a bit of really shameless self-promotion as I doubt the couple will be able to get much use out of it, though maybe they will tool around Windsor Park or something other large Royal Estate.

I also wonder if there was any consideration given to Prince William's height. He is 6'3", more than an inch taller than me. When I tried a Bixi, I found the tallest seat height too short for comfort. Did Devinci think about this or did they apply the "one-size-fits-most" philosophy of the standard Bixis?

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