Monday, 2 May 2011

On some exercise I got today

I got my usual cardiovascular workout biking to and from work today. After work, I went to the gym to get in some anaerobic exercise (weight lifting).

After that, I went done to the polling station to exercise my democratic right to vote. There was a considerable turnout and I had to wait in line for quite some time. When I finally got the poll area, I was right behind some morbidly obese oaf who had been put to the front of the line on account of his "disability". It took forever for the ladies manning the poll to find his name. After he waddled over to the booth, he took a very long time to decide whom to vote for. Really very annoying. Of course, I was a bit grumpy as I was hungry. On the plus side, I actually voted for someone as opposed to against someone, contrary to my earlier prediction.

Overall projected results: bugger!
The candidate I voted for projected results: not bad.

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