Wednesday, 25 May 2011

On a disappointing aspect of a recent movie

I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean : On stranger tides last night. I enjoyed it more than the two previous movies in the series but something was missing that I couldn't pin down. However, when was reviewing Margo and Chris' photos of our trip to Spain in 2007 the missing element became obvious. There was no "Bring me that horizon" type moment.

I borrowed that phrase from the first movie, quoting Captain Jack Sparrow, and have used it liberally in this blog. To me it encapsulated the joy of being on the road on a bike, the discovery that awaits just over the horizon. Unfortunately, the movie lacked the wide open environments that lend themselves to such moments. Too much of the movie is in London, inside ships and sets or on land at night (i.e. sets again).

In addition, I am restless as my big bike trips for this year are months away. Still, the Défi Métropolitain is this weekend and promises to be pretty good. Or so I hope!

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