Tuesday, 17 May 2011

On metadata, musings

I recently installed Google Analytics on this blog, so if you are reading this, beware: I know what country you are viewing from and what browser you are using! Not that I really care, I am only curious. The most used referred trafic seems to come from Margo and Chris' blog, though Google Images picks up a number of my photographs.

The most viewed individual post in the last week is "On a fascinating choice about how to get to Australia". I am not sure what that means.

I also have readers from as far away as Iran and Singapore, not to mention Chile and Argentina. Obviously, a certain amount of the latter trafic is Margo and Chris!

The most curious thing about the stats is that most of my visitors are using Firefox, though the fact my parents and I all use that browser might play into that!


Margo and Chris said...

I am the Google Analytics watcher on our site. We know that a lot of traffic comes from your site. Also when we go on trips and write blogs views double or triple. Our most visited blog is the one on Turkish road signs, and that is probably because most visitors are trying to find something out, and are not really interested in our wanderings. I am convinced the world is looking for a good recipe for trelece. If you want to increase you hit count post recipes!

In the end metadata is quite boring. It tells you the obvious.


Margo and Chris said...

Just one more thought: Google Analytics gives different results than the Stats button in blogger.
You need to look at both! When a friend read 65 pages one evening (she told us by email) we saw it on analytics but not Stats. But http://pingywebedition.somee.com/ has a link to our blog and traffic from that only appears on Stats! For obvious reasons Analytics and Stats have blocked counting pings from that site, but Analytics has done a harsher block and removed real traffic.