Friday, 5 August 2011

On getting to the airport

Well this is embarrassing. I am having trouble writing a blog entry on my iPhone. Anyway, I think I have found a solution.

I got a ride with a very good taxi driver, as recommended by the Mole. He asked me if I had my ticket and passport as I got in. Apparently, he has had problems in the past. I didn't have or need a passport and this puppy I'm using is my ticket. However, I did forget my sunglasses but I remembered only a few blocks away. We went back to get them, as well as a second pair of bike gloves. In the process, I noticed that I hadn't latched the front door!

I saw Mark arrive from Halifax. As well, Judy Berlyn was there to pick him up! Small world.
I am now past security, waiting for my plane, listening to a group of Newfoundlanders talk in English and Joual. (They might be from the Lower North Shore.)

My first post from my iPhone.

Addendum: I can see Leonardo on a luggage wagon waiting to be loaded.

I have arrived Deer Lake with all luggage.

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