Saturday, 3 September 2011

On the number of bike tires in my flat

The number is 10, though only 8 if you ignore the ones currently on Leonardo. The latter are 700x37C Continental TravelContacts that I installed this morning. I had ordered them from a local bike store back in July and they only arrived on Wednesday. I am hoping they will proved useful in Australia. In the meantime, I have put them on to break them in and to get a better idea of their characteristics. This has meant that I had to take off the close fenders and put on simpler deflectors.

Of the others, 2 are the knobby 700x35C Kenda Kommandos that came with Floria. 2 are the 700x28C Kenda Kwick Rollers that Leonardo came with. 1 is the 700x28C Kenda Kwest that I bought in at the Canadian Tire in Gander. I don't have a high regard for Kenda tires. There is also the 700x32C Continental Touring Plus that I ordered from the MEC while in Newfoundland, but which failed to catch up with me on the Rock. This was briefly on Leonardo before the TravelContacts arrived. Its "mate" is a 700x32C Schwalbe Marathon Plus from before Schwalbe's quality control went South. (These last two are Leonardo's "pavement" tires.)

The final one I am uncertain as to its exact nomemclature. It is a 700x28 tire produced by Specialized as part of its Armadillo line. The exact variety is unknown as the identifying label has faded over the years. It first saw service on the Castafiore before doing yeoman duty on Floria. However, it was getting very old so I replaced it a few weeks ago on the advice of my local bike shop. It was replaced by a 700x28C Continental Touring Plus, from the MEC in Montreal. I should have added it to the recycling pick up.

The five assorted Kenda tires have seen relatively little use but on the other hand, I don't see a real use for them. Well, apart from using the "Kommandos" if I were to know I would be riding in a mucky environment. Of course, if someone wanted them, they could have them gratis.

On the other hand, Leonardo's "pavement" tires are simply waiting for their call to arms. What that would be, I don't currently know. Next year is a long way away.

The fact remains, that having 8 bike tires not currently fitted to a bike in one's flat is at least one too many!

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