Monday, 25 March 2013

On a random bit of stuff

I have been living in my current abode for about nine and a half years. This is the longest period I have remained at the same address without interruption in my life. While I technically resided in my parent's house longer, that occupation was disrupted by a couple of sabbaticals that lasted six to nine months. 

It therefore struck me as nonsensical that I still had shelving boards and supports in one of my cupboards that I had never used in my current flat.  Few weeks ago, I stopped in a nearby store connected to Habitat for humanity that recycles building materials and the like to ask if it could use my unneeded shelving material. I had come prepared with a picture of the bits on my iPhone.  The person in charge said "Yes, thank you. There is always a need for shelving material." Therefore, a little later in the day, I brought the bits around and dropped them off.

Some of the shelf supports were a vivid orange that I rather associate with the late sixties or early seventies.  I had snaffled these from my parent's. Curious as to their precise origin, I gave my Father a phone call. He wasn't sure, but he believed that they had either been bought in London, Ontario (i.e. before I was born) or Toronto ( i.e. shortly after)!  Vintage, I tell you, vintage.

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