Monday, 1 April 2013

On watching TV while (stationary) biking

I haven't got Floria out yet. Maybe later this week, but the forecast calls for cold temperatures (-6C) and the possibility (60%) of snow. Not the weather to start the biking season.

Consequently, I did some stationary biking in the gym this afternoon. As luck would have it, there was a cycling show on the sports channel visible on the TV screen near the bikes. It was a significant improvement of the show that preceded it which was a "flog golf" (notice the palindrome) equipment show which held negative interest for me.  While professional cycling annoys me a great deal for any number of reasons, many of which have to do with the moral vacuity it shows towards doping, the cycling show was broadcasting a live (I think) bike race from Belgium (Tour de Flandres I believe).

It is early in the season so the trees were pretty bare and most of the cyclists were wearing arm warmers and leg warmers. My Father disapproves of these on aesthetic grounds which only goes to show he is a bit of a twit.

Anyway, it was somewhat interesting to watch as this broadcast featured some of the logistics of pro bike racing including the support cars and associated mechanics. A few times, I saw a racer drop out of the pack and have one of his wheels replaced in less than a minute. It was kind of neat, even if it is "cheating" at a certain level. ;-)

It was also fun to see the show while on the stationary bike as it made it easy for me to dream of cycling while pedaling. Admittedly, I was pedaling nowhere but que sera, sera.

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