Saturday, 25 July 2015

On Thierry's principle (and T.O.) revisited

The last time I was in T.O., I managed to rectify a Thierry's principle oversight (i.e. you only relax once you remember what it is you have forgotten). Back in September, I went to MEC to get a replacement fleece jacket. In the process, I got a bike map of Toronto that adorned my dining room wall for the last ten months and unfortunately currently adorns it. I had meant to bring it with me on the final leg of AMUAM JuNITO. Fortunately, on my Porter flight from YUL to YTZ, I realized that I had A. forgotten it and B. I should have enough time to get another on before my flight to YAM (a.k.a. the Soo). By dint of asking at the Billy Bishop help desk, I found out that I had indeed the time and that there was a shuttle bus to Union Station where the tourist office was. I took the ferry to the mainland hopped on the shuttle bus and away I went. I found the information office where I had got the original map, scored another then caught the bus back.

On the bus, I pondered how one could build a tunnel to avoid the short ferry ride to the airport. One thought was do much of the work during the winter to avoid annoying shipping and boaters.  As I got to the waiting room for the ferry, I saw an illuminated sign counting down the four days and 23 hours before the tunnel would be inaugurated!