Tuesday, 28 July 2015

On the Trans-Canada and in the heat

Thus far, the Trans-Canada has proven better than feared as the forest is cut back far enough that I have little fear keeping to the edge of the pace shoulder which more often than not fairly narrow with a wide gravel shoulder. Some sections have wide paved shoulders.

The weather has been very hot for this neck of the woods though, thankfully for me, not very humid. On the other hand, the fire danger signs are at extreme, so I only hope the thunder storms expected tomorrow don't spark a forest fire.

Today went fairly smoothly. I stopped at a round barn just outside of Thessalon which sold nick knacks and Amish jam. The latter makes me suspect that the buggy drivers might be Amish. I rode beside a river as I neared Blind River thinking I was beside the Blind River. In Blind River, I discovered it was the Mississagi River. (My maps aren't great on rivers and lakes.)

After an early lunch in Blind River, I rode on to Algoma Mills where I took Highway 538. It parallel the T-Can for 5 km and made an interesting and shadier change of pace. Somewhere in the Serpent River First Nation, I was climbing a hill where the road had been cut into a hill to the North of the Highway. I was hit with a blast of radiating heat from the rock face that caused me to have to stop to catch my breath.  When I came upon a gas station in the reserve, I made a beeline for its ice cream cooler!

A good day on the whole.

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