Saturday, 15 August 2015

AMUAM JuNITO finito!!!

Short version: I got back to my flat at half past noon to finish AMUAM JuNITO in grand style.

Small update: I covered 1538 kilometers on this trip, not counting the rest days in Toronto when I didn't have the computer installed.

Long version:

We left the motel in Côteau-du-Lac in good time and rode down the main street to find a restaurant for breakfast. An older man (in his seventies or so) was on the terasse and as I arranged Leonardo for the meal, he asked "Vous venez de loin, les jeunes?"  (I don't think he had seen the Parents.)  I indicated that we had only come from the motel this morning, but we had started in Toronto. I think he was taken a mite aback when he saw my parents join me for breakfast!

After breakfast, we rolled along the Route Verte which was on the tow path of the Soulanges canal. This brought us over the newly extended Autoroute 30 which was particularly wide as there was a toll plaza nearby. The tow path was very pleasant to ride upon. Alas, it ended all too quickly and there was paucity of signage indicating where to go next. The Paternal Unit was some what obnoxious in wanting to know why I proposed to take a particular route onwards. The problem was that it based on a combination of careful scrutiny of less than satisfactory map, consultation of Google Maps on my iPhone, a well-honed sense of geography and an educated hunch. None of this was easy for me to convey quickly to my somewhat obtuse Papicito. My route brought us to Île Perrot with little trouble.

My plan had been to get the Parents onto the Island of Montreal and Lakeshore Road. There, I would have left them to proceed at my own speed back to my flat and they to car parked in Dorval. However, Mummy insisted that I leave them on Île Perrot. My Father later commented I was like horse smelling its home stable. So I left them. I later heard a something about them having to climb a steep hill which sounds suspiciously like they got lost in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, something I would have thought hard, as the Route Verte dumps you on Lakeshore.

There was truth in what my Father said as once on Lakeshore, I was home. Having ridden that road before, I could have easily claimed that I had completed my goal as I could now claim AMUAM JuNITO was complete as I have ridden from Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue to home several times. Actually, technically, I was finished. However, it would have been problematic to find another way home at that point. Also, it was still morning.

I pedalled along the familiar streets at a good clip, feeling quite pleased with myself (as well I might). My progress was slowed when I came across a street fair which blocked the traffic to pedalled bike traffic. I pushed Leonardo through the "obstacle" and remounted beyond. I rolled and possibly zoomed along beside the St-Lawrence. I was surprised to get a text message from Mummy that they were stopping for lunch as it was hardly even noon, if that. I replied that I was in Lachine and would head on home before lunch. In fact, I stopped at the Dairy Queen in Lachine for a Blizzard before using the Lachine Canal bike path to get to St-Henri. As I did so, I spotted a snapping turtle on the edge of the Canal.
The Canal bike path being what it is namely familiar and flat, I made very good time.  I was soon back at my flat. I was very pleased to find one of neighbours sitting on her doorstep as it gave me an audience and someone to take my picture! The picture below was taken at 12:32 PM!
I hauled my gear up and set about securing lunch, which took the form of Chalet-Bar-Q, the traditional post exercise feast of the maternal side of my family. Admittedly, it was more traditional after skiing, but it felt appropriate! Also, it was an easy option. While waiting for lunch to arrive, the Parent arrived by car. I can't accurately remember the precise order of subsequent events, however they included the opening and drinking of a bottle of bubbly I had bought in the Okanagan and had put in the fridge before leaving for the Soo, the arrival of lunch, my eating of the same in my bike shorts and no shirt as it was a muggy day and the Parents taking their showers.  As it was still fairly early, they didn't stay for supper and left for home.

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