Thursday, 13 August 2015

On a mystery bird

Brendan served us up a mighty fine breakfast worthy as his birthplace in Dublin. He steered us to a suitable place to get sandwiches in Brockville. This proved to be kitty corner to a farmer's market where I bought some maple sugar tarts for elevenses.

To be honest, today has seemed to fly by with the exception of getting a bit turned around in the parking lot of Upper Canada Village. Mummy was anxious to see a heron for some reason. We went through a nature reserve that was reputed to house many of them. We saw a couple but I saw something odder. On a sandbank with gulls and Canada geese was something white, shaped like a heron with a yellow beak and black legs. It was fairly large, taller than the geese. I took some pictures at high magnification and stared at it with my binocs. For the time being it is "mystery" heron like bird but my working theory is that it was likely a cattle egret which I have seen in Southern California but never in Canada. Where's the bird book when you need it?

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