Sunday, 7 August 2016

On a "gale-lic" holiday

Gale warnings for today had been in evidence yesterday. Given the winds were forecast as being more than 50 mph, I decided yesterday to nix my plan of going to Dunvegan (it is not pronounced like a former vegetarian who has discovered the virtues of meat).

Instead, I did my laundry, had a morning snoozed followed by lunch followed by a visit to the Aros Centre to see an exhibition about Saint Kilda. (Apparently, they mostly ate seabirds rather than fish.) Gordon suggested a 3 km nearby coastal walk which rather enjoyed but it would have gone better with hiking boots.

Portree is deep tourist country. This point can be deduced from the 28 B&Bs, 4 self-catering cottages, 1 guesthouse, 1 hotel and 1 hostel I counted between the Aros Centre and my hostel! It has been a fairly prosperous for centuries judging by the buildings. So far, I have heard people speaking French, Chinese, German, Gaelic and probably Italian.

While it has been windy to the point that I have been wearing my rain pants over my trousers for warmth, it hasn't been raining very much. Furthermore, the forecast is for much better weather tomorrow. In some respects, I have been very lucky in having the gale happen on a rest day. A "gale-lic" holiday if you will.

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