Sunday, 7 August 2016

On plaster madonnas, music and lifeboats

South and North Uist are notoriously Catholic and Protestant, respectively. I was surprised to see the former represented by two roadside shrines featuring plaster Madonnas. Benbecula is apparently split on the issue as there was the ruins of a medieval church whose grounds were used as an ecumenical burying ground a few hundred yards from the Nunton House Hostel.

While waiting for lunch in the Westford Inn, something in the lyrics of the "fiddle-dy-dee" music seemed familiar. Then it struck me: I was listening to a Celtic/folk version of "The safety dance", a pop song by the Eighties group "Men without hats"! I laughed and told the barmaid who was skeptical until she checked the computer.

While walking along the shore near Portree, I heard the sound of a boat's engine. My immediate thought was: "What duffer would be out in a boat on day like today?" I turned to see Portree's RNLI lifeboat racing off on some errand of mercy.

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